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In response to feedback from Advisory Committees we partnered with Pearson to offer this Learning Opportunity. With Alberta leading the way with framework document, Competencies for Engaged Learners and Ethical Citizens with an Entrepreneurial Spirit, there is now broad agreement across Canada and North America around the types of skills students need for success in tomorrow’s world. But how can our classrooms systematically develop and assess these skills? How can innovation and critical thinking become hallmarks of student learning? And how can these strategies be scaled in ways that no longer rely solely on the creativity of individual teachers?
Over the course of this half-day session, presenters affirmed the moral imperative to innovate, think critically, and embrace transformational change. They looked at the types of tasks that enhance creativity and collaboration; shared cognitive research on how peer and self-assessment fosters critical thinking; and showed how new innovative classroom resources, such as CLiC, Destination Imagination, and Cogneeto, can promote and capture these new types of learning in the classroom.

Resources and presentations shared at the session:

Jocelyn and Heidi CLIC Video CLIC video

Video - Alberta Innovation Days