5 Apps for Learning and Media Creation for Elementary Students in the Inclusive Classroom Webinar

with Danny Maas

Playback the archived webinar recording here


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This session focuses on:
TPK (Technological Pedagogical Knowledge) - How to use the technology effectively, i.e. what are these tools and how can I use them to engage students in deeper learning?

The iPad is being embraced by more and more schools to allow students to interact with engaging content. More and more, this device is being used by teachers to allow students opportunities to create videos, audio recordings, images, text, and more to represent their knowledge and understanding. In this session you will learn about why media creation projects are fantastic for learners of all ability levels and interests and will be shown five amazing, easy to use iPad apps you can start using in your elementary classroom tomorrow!
This learning opportunity is subsidized as a result of a grant from Alberta Education to support implementation and will model technology integration in the core subject areas.

Danny Maas is an Emerging Technologies Consultant with Edmonton Catholic Schools where he serves teachers integrating technology meaningfully across the curriculum. Danny has sixteen years teaching experience and was a 2003 recipient of the Alberta Excellence in Teaching Award. Danny was recently seconded for three years - two years with Alberta Education as Project Coordinator for Videoconferencing at School Technology Branch and one year with 2Learn.ca Education Society as Provincial Coordinator for the VC Regional Leads Network. Danny has a master's degree in educational technology and is passionate about learning and collaboration.