ERLC Ongoing Professional Learning Opportunities
ERLC Ongoing Professional Learning Opportunities

ERLC Regional Professional Learning Design 2015-2016
As an advocate for quality professional learning, and as a service provider, ERLC works with its partners to develop, implement, and measure impact of professional learning programs that support adult learning for students' sake. The ERLC Mission is Partners in Adult Learning for Students’ Sake”. Based on this mandate ERLC works with the 18 school jurisdictions in the region as well as, band, charter,and private schools.

District Support for Implementation 2015-2016
Grant funds from Alberta Education are intended to support the following priority areas:

  • First Nation Métis and Inuit
  • Mathematics
  • Student Learning Assessments (SLA)
  • Competencies
  • Literacy and Numeracy
  • Inclusive Education
  • Career Technology Foundations
  • Learning Commons Policy Statements

Alberta Education requested that ERLC identify district needs from school authorities. District Contacts and Advisory Committee members for the ERLC region met in May to identify/confirm regional needs,and requested that the grant funds be used to support professional learning in the following areas:
  • learning for ALL students
  • instruction and assessment practices that have the greatest impact on student learning that inform and shift pedagogy
  • competency based learning in multiple disciplines focusing on literacy and numeracy
  • school authorities and Alberta Education goals, centering on teacher efficacy
  • summary of District’s Three Year Education Plans 2014-2017

Professional learning planning and supports for implementation will continue to be co-constructed based on requests from all stakeholders including the ERLC Boardrepresentative of education stakeholders in the region.

Professional Learning Designs for 2015-2016 A Comprehensive Approach
For the 2015-2016 year, ERLC will offer three professional learning designs. These include:
  1. Professional development (PD) on line resources available in a variety of formats (e.g. videos, webinars)
  2. Catalyst/strategic professional learning opportunities
  3. ERLC regional team support through a District’s Professional Learning Design Plan

ERLC Professional Learning Design 2015-2016 - pdf
ERLC Professional Learning Design 2015-2016 - word

Last Year's:
ERLC Regional Plan to Support Curriculum Redesign 2014-2015

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