A Twelve-Step Program for Success in Mathematics

For some students, success just happens. For most students, we need to make it happen. We’ll discuss a twelve-step program that will improve the mathematical environment and opportunity for success for every student in your class, whether struggling or thriving, and for you, too.

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marian-spring2008.jpgABOUT THE FACILITATOR:
Dr. Marian Small is a leading Canadian math expert with over 30 years experience in Canadian math education, and is the Senior Consultant for Nelson Math Focus K-9. Dr. Small is the former Dean of Education at the University of New Brunswick (UNB). She has been a professor and director of the UNB Math Centre for many years and is a regular speaker on K–12 mathematics throughout Canada and the US. She has been highly involved in the development of provincial curriculum and provincial testing in mathematics in New Brunswick. Most recently, Dr. Marian Small led a large-scale, three-year study on how students learn math developmentally. Through this groundbreaking study involving 12 000 students across Canada, Dr. Small identified what differentiates the level of mathematical sophistication of different students in the same classroom and what strategies can be used to approach those different levels effectively.

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