Professional Development Resources - Learning Opportunities Online


The Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium (ERLC) uses this wiki* in a multipurpose fashion across various distributed professional learning projects to archive webinars and other PD resources for our regional and provincial stakeholders. Please access the navigation menu on the left-hand side of this page to find the topics that most interest you.

*A wiki is a collaborative website oriented to providing knowledge in some domain. Wikis offer the opportunity to share knowledge and information, and provide a community for collaborative documentation.

This wiki includes PD resources such as archived webinars, handouts and articles provided by facilitators. The intent of the wiki is to:
· provide PD leaders ( lead teachers, curriculum facilitators, instructional coaches) with materials they may use for planning adult learning opportunities in a job embedded ( school, PLC, district) context.
· a secondary intent is to provide individual self-motivated learners the opportunity for self-paced follow-up learning

Professional Development leaders* ( any adult planning a learning opportunity for other adults/colleagues) may plan to use the content on the wiki in the following way:

Staff Meetings - webinar archives or other PD resources could be reviewed in whole or in part by staff in whole group or grade level/subject specific meetings; discussions could be facilitated around contextualizing to meet local needs

PLCs - these PD resources could be an impetus for focused conversation around implementation support for a local school initiative
and/or support for implementation of a curriculum area, policy or initiative

Cohort Groups/Network Groups - administrators/teacher leaders in cohort groups will find the use of the PD resources helpful to guide and support further study, learning and application

Any Time, Any Place, Any Pace - individuals can pick and choose the topics/webinars/PD resources that are most applicable to their own professional learning needs and access them from work or home at a time that is convenient for them.