Coaches as Change Agents Webinar

with Michael Fullan

This webinar examines what effective coaches do and links this work to school and district improvement. The role of coaches as change agents in the school and district are exemplified with case examples. The key message is that coaches will be much more effective if they see themselves and are seen as part of a larger change effort to improve school systems.

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Handouts and Resources

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Followup: An Alberta Context

Finding Time for “Capacity Building”
At the Learning Forward site
Search “finding time”
Learning Forward also has a lot of information around coaching – which they define as a PD strategy. You will also note on this front page the multitude of resources around “capacity building”.
At the Solution Tree site – “All things PLC” Search “Finding Time”

Wrong vs Right Drivers in the Alberta Context
Fullan “Wrong vs Right Drivers”
Alberta Context – potential supports
Accountability vs Capacity Building
A Guide to Support Implementation: Essential Conditions
Individual vs Group Work
Alberta’s Approach to Collaborative Practices
Technology vs Pedagogy
www.erlc.cawebsite main page article TPACK
Piecemeal vs Systemic
How do we “connect the dots”.......what imagery might we create that assists us in seeing how multiple priorities are or can be aligned

Support for Capacity Building of “Coaches”


Michael Fullan is an international leader on educational change. He has developed a number of partnerships designed to bring about major school improvements and is engaged in training, consulting and evaluation of change projects around the world. A prolific writer, he has published widely on educational change. His book, Leading in a Culture of Change was awarded the 2002 Book of the Year Award by Learning Forward (formerly the National Staff Development Council), Breakthrough (with Peter Hill and Carmel Crévola) won the 2006 Book of the Year Award from the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, Turnaround Leadership in Higher Education (with Geoff Scott) won the Bellwether Book Award in 2009, and Change Wars (with Andy Hargreaves) was awarded the 2009 Book of the Year Award by Learning Forward. His books are available in many languages.