Rehearsing MORE Coding of Literacy - Adapting and Transforming for Walk-Throughs

with Bernajean Porter

Using blink-like observations, school leaders rehearse and debrief a simulated building walk-through with dialogues of "do you see what I see." Participants can code and record “cognitive” snapshots of three categories of technology and learning uses in classrooms. These snapshots create a “mosaic-like” pattern of strengths and weakness of instructional practices and learning values that forms the school’s pedagogical culture. The data collected validates or redirects the use of technology resources in supporting school-wide goals. Participating in the process along with reflecting on the findings ensures new initiatives are rolled out with more success; existing curriculum and pedagogy is refined and revised; staff development goals are targeted; and a continuous dialogue is sustained on expectations for technology resources to directly support student results.

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About the Facilitator

Bernajean Porter provides a spectrum of practical tools and services to scale and sustain technology’s potential culled from over 40 years of national and international experience. Her work reflects belief that technology can accelerate all students in rediscovering their joy and personal success as learners. Bernajean’s philosophy of work uses cutting edge organizational processes for building local capacity to translate the power of technology’s potential into actual classroom practices for ALL students. Her enthusiasm and vivacious presentations, workshops and artist-in-residence programs create an energetic climate for all learners. She is the author of Grappling with Accountability 2002: MAPPing Tools for Organizing and Assessing Technology for Student Results; Evaluating Student Digital Products; Nutz and Boltz of Large Group Facilitation (out of print); DigiTales: The Art of Digital Storytelling and numerous other publications widely used by educators.

When it comes to doing the hard or impossible things now necessary in schools to ensure students are having out-of-this-world possibilities, Bernajean's motto of "Da Um Jeitinho" - there is ALWAYS a way - sets the tone for her dedicated long, term work with national and international educators.