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with Sherry Bennett, AAC

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Assessment in Alberta has as much, if not more, to do with teaching and learning as it has to do with grading and reporting. It is essential to establish links among curriculum, instruction, and assessment if we are to support students in their learning.

This webinar addresses the following four essential questions.
  • How do we know that we are teaching what matters most?
  • How do we know that learning has occurred?
  • How do we engage students in instruction and assessment?
  • How do we help students to do their best?

Post-webinar support documents are available to support professional learning teams with ongoing reflection, conversation, and learning.

This webinar has been developed by the Alberta Assessment Consortium (AAC) in partnership with the Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium (ERLC) and Alberta Education. The materials used in this webinar are from the AAC collection.

Handouts and Resources

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Sherry Bennett is the Executive Director of the Alberta Assessment Consortium (AAC). She has been involved with a variety of AAC projects over the past ten years in the roles of developer, reviewer, writer and workshop facilitator, presenting assessment workshops throughout Alberta as well as in the Northwest Territories, Singapore, and Bermuda.

Prior to her appointment as Executive Director with AAC, Sherry worked in a consulting role to support implementation of the new Alberta Social Studies and Mathematics Programs of Study. She has authored a variety of student, teacher, and professional development materials, and facilitated numerous professional development workshops throughout Alberta. Sherry is passionate about the role that classroom assessment plays in supporting student learning.