Creating System-wide Support for Learning Coaches - Archived Webinar Series

with Joellen Killion

Partnership Agreements - Coaches and Colleagues

Learning Coaches' work is complex, yet when they take time to build relationships and develop explicit partnership agreements with their colleagues, they can more quickly focus on teaching and learning. This archived webinar provides the fundamentals of establishing partnership agreements and relationship fundamentals.

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Roles of Coaches in Supporting Teachers

Learning Coaches use multiple roles to support their colleagues. This archived webinar explores the range of options available to coaches and teachers you support based on the roles of coaches. Having clarity about how coaches work with teachers gives both a focus and purpose to the interaction that occurs between a coach and a teacher.

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Article: Are You Coaching Heavy or Light? by Joellen Killion heavylightcoaching_killion.pdf

Strategies for Engaging Teachers - Coaches' Roles

Strategies for engaging reluctant teachers and for supporting professional learning in stages that mitigates teachers' anxiety are discussed in this archived webinar.
Not all teachers welcome support from Learning Coaches. Joellen Killion delves into the different reasons teachers may not be open to a coach's help.

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Joellen Killion is senior advisor for Learning Forward. Killion focuses on improving professional learning for all educators. Her books include Assessing Impact: Evaluating Staff Development, Taking the Lead: New Roles for Teacher and School-based Coaches (co-authored with Cindy Harrison); The Learning Educator: A New Era in Professional Learning (co-authored with Stephanie Hirsh); and Becoming a Learning School (with Patricia Roy). At Learning Forward, she has led a number of initiatives related to examining the link between professional development and student learning. She has extensive experience in professional development planning, design, implementation, and evaluation both at the school and system level.