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This learning opportunity is subsidized as a result of a grant from Alberta Education to support implementation.


Lucy Westand Katherine Casey

You will have the opportunity to:
  • recognize and name the characteristics of effective teaching
  • improve instruction/learning by planning, implementing, and refining robust lessons with rich content
  • learn how to provide job-embedded professional development with colleagues
  • address both the "big picture" and day-to-day work of accelerating professional learning in schools through the strategic and systemic use of learning coaches, coaches and lead teachers
  • create a coaching and teacher model that supports teachers in addressing differentiated and diverse student learner needs
  • use curricular materials mindfully in ways that align with the intent of the Alberta Programs of Study


Edmonton - (Monday) September 17, 2012

Edmonton - (Tuesday) September 18, 2012 Morning

Edmonton - (Tuesday) September 18, 2012 Afternoon

Calgary - (Wednesday) September 19, 2012 Afternoon

Calgary - (Thursday) September 20, 2012 Afternoon

Selected Readings

Characteristics of Effective Literacy Coaching
Do’s and Don’ts for Literacy Coaches
Literacy Coaches Support
Principal Support for Literacy Coaching
Principles of Learning for Effort-Based Education
Content Coaching: Transforming the Teaching Profession

Alberta Resources for Learning Coaches

Inclusive Education - Learning Coaches website
Leading in Literacy and Numeracy for First Nations, Métis and Inuit Students: Empowering the Spirit
Districts' Learning Coach 2012-2013 Focus
ATA - The Doors of Classrooms are Open Wide

Alberta Education Support Documents

Literacy First: A Plan for Action (pdf)
Framework for Student Learning (pdf)
FNMI Collaborative Framework
FNMI Collaborative Framework Poster
Making a Difference: Meeting diverse learning needs with differentiated instruction
Supporting Inclusive Practices Resource Listing
Supporting Every Student

Continuing the Conversation - Community of Practice (CoP) Ning

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