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Through interactive and engaging workshops, online book study webinars and wiki, Leadership Practice Inventory (LPI) and onsite coaching the SLP will develop a community of practice characterized by strong relationships among the school leaders and the facilitators as well as a clear focus on improving student learning by improving teacher practice and parental engagement. The following specific strategies will be used to build the community of school leaders into a collaborative and cohesive learning community:
  • Initial Contact and Assessment: The facilitators will contact all participants by phone and email to welcome them to the program and provide initial program information to them as well as learn of any specific needs and/or concerns the participants may have. A leadership audit will be completed by participants in the first workshop. The leadership audit will provide insights to each leader as to “why” he/she have accepted the leadership challenge and inform the facilitators of the background and perspective of each leader.
  • Use of technology: The online book study will be done using six webinars for each participant. Each webinar will be led by a facilitator. Other social media, such as Facebook will be used to build a sense of community among the leaders.
  • Leadership groups: Throughout the program, group dynamics will be used to facilitate team building within the program. The large group will be divided into three groups for the online discussions. Each facilitator will coach 1/3 of the group. Maximum mixing of leaders will be used at workshops to facilitate building relationships, trust and generating a professional learning network.

About the Facilitators

Facilitators for this session are Bill Hoppins, Dot Negropontes and Warren Phillips. Full bios available here.
W.R. HoBillHoppins.pngppins
With Hoppins Consulting Ltd Bill Hoppins is an educational consultant who has extensive education and experience providing consulting, leadership coaching, facilitating and researching services to educational organizations and their leaders.


Dr. Dot Negropontes
In 31 years of working in education at Mountain View County and Chinook’s Edge School Division, Dot Negropontes held a number of positions including teacher, vice principal, principal, coordinator and director and assistant superintendent. For three and half years beginning in 2006, she was the Executive Director of a joint venture between Olds College and Chinook’s Edge, the Community Learning Campus project.


Dr. Warren Phillips
Warren retired in August, 2007 from his position as Superintendent of Battle River School Division, which has its central office in Camrose; AB. The school system was recognized for its high student achievement, as in 2007, it received 8 MELA awards.

Handouts and Resources

Course Outline Northern Tier School Leaders Program (11-12) Course Outline.docx
Joining the School Leaders Facebook Group School Leaders Program Facebook Group.pdf

Session 1: What Leaders Do; What Constituents Expect
Presenter's Slides Session 1 NT PPT Webinar 1 Sep 2011.pptx
View recorded webinar archive here

Session 2: Model the Way
Presenter's Slides Session 2 NT Webinar 2 Oct 12 2011.pptx
View recorded webinar archive here

Webinar summary of Oct 20-21: Just Do IT in person session (1 hr in length) Playback webinar recording here
Presenter's Slides for this session: NT Webinar PP Oct 20 21-11.pptx

Session 3: Inspire a Shared Vision
Presenter's Slides Session 3 NT Webinar 3 Nov 2 2011.pptx
View recorded webinar archive here

Session 4: Challenge the Process
Presenter's Slides Session 4 NT Webinar 4 Nov 16 2011.pptx
View recorded webinar archive here

Session 5: Enable Others
Presenter's Slides Session 5 NT Webinar 5 Nov 30 2011.pptx
View recorded webinar archive here

Session 6: Encourage the Heart
Presenter's Slides Session 6 NT Webinar 6 Dec 14 2011.pptx
View recorded webinar archive here

Edmonton February 14 & 15, 2012 Face-to-Face Session
Presenter's Slides SLP Workshop Master PP Northen Tier Year 1 Feb 14 final.pptx
SLP Workshop Master PP Northern Tier Year 1 February 15 final.pptx