Leading Groups: Effective Strategies for Building Professional Communities

with Laura Lipton

This three-part webinar series provides extended learning for group members who have participated in previous Leading Groups sessions with Laura Lipton. The three webinars are as follows:

Seven Qualities of High Performing Groups

This webinar introduces seven qualities of high performing groups. You may consider your own group in relation to these attributes and consider goals for growth. Two practical inventories are shared for use between sessions.

Presenter's Slides 7 Qualities of High Performing Groups Laura Lipton Session 1
Session Handout Seven Qualities of High Performing Groups.pdf
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Mapping Backwards

This session offers new ways to think about both task and relational outcomes for group work. Templates for clarifying outcomes and designing processes to accomplish them are provided.

Presenter's Slides Laura Lipton Mapping Backwards Session2.ppt
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Structuring for Success

This webinar examines ways to apply structuring elements to process design to maximize balance and productivity of group work sessions. Specific strategies for starting and ending effective meetings are shared and sample strategy stacks are explored.

Presenter's Slides LL Structuring for Success W.pptx


Laura_Lipton_photo.JPGLaura Lipton, Ed.D is Co-Director of MiraVia, LLC, is an international consultant whose writing, research and seminars focus on effective and innovative instructional practices and on building professional and organizational capacities for enhanced learning. She engages with schools and school districts, designing and conducting workshops on organizational development, learning-focused instruction, literacy development and strategies to support beginning teachers. She applies her extensive experience with adult learners to workshops and seminars on topics such as high-engagement classrooms, learning-focused relationships, data-driven dialogue, teacher leadership, group and organizational development, learning-focused mentoring and learner-centered literacy.