Joining Wikispaces for the First Time

1. If you are not a member of Wikispaces and do not have a username and password go to and join Wikispaces first (see image below)
2. Complete fields 1, 2, and 3 only.
3. Do not enter a Space Name, click Join
4. You will be emailed to confirm your request to join, just click the link in the email to confirm.


5. Go to
6. Check you are signed in to Wikispaces. You should see your user name at the top right of the home page when you are at

Joining the ERLC wiki

7. If you are not signed in click the link 'Sign in' and use your Username and password to sign in to wikispaces
8. Go to and request membership by clicking 'join this space' on the top of the page.
9. A message will be sent to the space organiser for approval.
10. You will be able to access when they approve this request and only when you are logged in to wikispaces
with your Username and Password
11. Keep a copy of your username and password somewhere safe. You will only be able to access private wikispaces if you are logged in with
your Username and Password.

Contributing to the ERLC Wiki

You must complete the above steps to contribute to the wiki. Once you are a member of the wiki, you can click on the discussion tab of any wiki page to post.
Once you are on the discussion tab, click "New Post" as indicated in the image and you will see the pop up window as shown. Simply choose a subject title, insert your comment, and then click "Post" to submit your comment. You can reply to other posts also. It's a good idea to click the check box to monitor the discussion if you plan to be an active participant, as you will receive an email when someone new contributes to the discussion.