Effective Strategies for Learning the Basic Facts
with Debbie Windwick-Petkau

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Do your students know the basic facts? Learn proven effective strategies to use in your classroom. Having a strong grasp of basic facts allows students to manipulate numbers mentally. Students are also able to better make connections between the use of basic facts and flexible thinking with number.

Debbie Windwick-Petkau has worked with Edmonton Public Schools for 25 years primarily with students in an elementary setting. She is passionate about mathematics and is committed to the belief that every student can be successful in this area. Debbie was an elementary math consultant with Edmonton Public Schools from 2008 – 2010 and worked with teachers and school staffs to provides assistance and guidance with the implementation of the revised math program of studies along with instructional strategies, student programming and effective assessment practices. She is currently working as an Assistant Principal of an elementary school where she continues to focus on the use of effective math strategies to improve student achievement.

Handouts and Resources

Presenter's powerpoint slides Basic Facts - March 14.pptx