Academic Round Table - Early Learning & Learning through Play


The work of the Early Learning Branch is focused on a number of key initiatives and projects that are aimed at supporting the Minister's mandate of "improving broad-based supports and early intervention initiatives for at-risk children to improve their learning outcomes". A key goal of this work is building workforce and parent capacity and promoting inclusive, high quality early learning environments that support a child's development (Minister's mandate letter February 2010). In order to support this work, the Early Learning Branch aims to ensure that there is a common understanding of what is meant by "Learning through Play".

The Learning through Play academic round table, held on Oct.15, 2010, provided an opportunity to discuss the current research, and assist the Early Learning Branch in developing key messages about learning through play to facilitate a greater understanding in communities, schools and families, of the importance of play in a child's development. The round-table provided an opportunity to have lively conversation and share collective wisdom to establish a common understanding of the key elements of " Play" including the key research findings.

Your participation in this event provided an opportunity for lively, thoughtful discussion with fellow educators and researchers, and we intend to continue the conversation and sharing of information through this Early Learning wiki and other opportunities as they arise. Please join the wiki and share or post any articles or thoughts on Play. We look forward to continuing the discussion.

"Government will work collaboratively with organizations, communities, and families to develop an approach to early learning that takes into account support for pre-school children who are at-risk and provides opportunities for children to begin their early learning experiences in an inclusive setting." Setting the Direction: Strategic Direction 10 Government Response June 2010

Round Table Resources
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