Document Created from the June 18th Meeting - Benchmark Document for Teachers

NOTE: This document was updated September 13, 2013

Document Created from the May 8th Meeting - Benchmark Document for Tech Leaders

NOTE: This document was updated June 17, 2013


Digital Citizenship Infographic

ERLC District Meeting

Barnett House
May 8, 2013 9:00 to 3:30


Digital Citizenship Policy Development Guide

Digital Citizenship Needs Assessment Tool

Digital Citizenship Resources Digital Presence

Wolf Creek School Resources
Wolf Creek Public Schools Resources
Resources collected by schools

Jason Ohler – Digital Citizenship Activities to use with students

Lester B Pearson School Board
Digital Citizenship Program

Digital Citizenship Resources

Scope and Sequence developments of Digital Citizenship

Parkland School Division Scope and Sequence

New York City Department of Education Scope and Sequence

Wolf Creek Public Schools Scope and Sequence (and Digital Citizenship Quizzes)