Apples and Oranges? Differentiating Instruction in Social Studies

with Pat Shields-Ramsey

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With an emphasis in the new Social Studies program on multiple perspectives, effectively differentiating instruction is essential to a Sociapsr.jpgl Studies classroom that engages all students in learning. This webinar will explore what differentiated instruction can look like in social studies classrooms and how to implement strategies that differentiate learning and meet diverse student needs. Examples of strategies and activities that emphasize critical thinking and student choice will be shared and flexible grouping strategies will be discussed as integral aspects of a differentiated Social Studies classroom.

Patricia Shields-Ramsay is an independent consultant who has worked on a variety of classroom-centred projects, including multiple components of the Alberta Education project Making a Difference: Meeting Diverse Learning Needs with Differentiated Instruction. Patricia has a Masters degree in Education, a number of years of experience teaching Social Studies in Alberta, is involved with numerous professional development initiatives and has been a Social Studies sessional instructor at the University of Alberta.

Handouts and References

The presenter has indicated that it could be helpful for participants to review two chapters in Making a Difference:
Chapter 5: Differentiated Learning Experiences
Chapter 14: Social Studies
These chapters can be downloaded from

This webinar supports the Alberta PD project which is located here.

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