Alberta UDL Summer 2011 Institute: Making Connections

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is an educational approach that aims to increase access to learning for all students by reducing curricular barriers. UDL describes three main principles to guide the selection and development of learning environments, resources and activities that support individual learning differences:
  • multiple means of representation, to give learners various ways of acquiring information and knowledge
  • multiple means of expression, to provide learners alternatives for demonstrating what they know
  • multiple means of engagement, to tap into learners' interests, challenge them appropriately and motivate them to learn.(Making A Difference Alberta Education)

UDL is an approach to curricular design and educational practice that leverages technology in shaping inclusive 21st century educational environments as proposed in Action for Inclusion. The resources below originate from a three day institute that provided a unique and exciting opportunity for Alberta educators to learn about UDL from its founder, Dr. David Rose and his colleague, Grace Meo. The institute was modeled on the UDL Institute at Harvard University, which Dr. Rose led for several years. It was focused on providing practical connections between the principles of UDL and current Alberta initiatives and practices.

Presentations from Dr. David Rose and Grace Meo discuss one of the three UDL principles providing applications to practice. Alberta Education staff and Alberta educators shared information and experiences related to the Alberta curriculum and educational context.

About David & Grace

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UDL Institute Documents

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Day 1 Multiple Means of Engagement

Day 2 Multiple Means of Representation

Day 3 Multiple Means of Expression

Group Sharing & Reflections

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