AB Cross-Curricular Competencies

Alberta’s Cross-Curricular Competencies to Support Learning for ALL Students

(August 25-26, 2014, Fantasyland Hotel, Edmonton)

Engaging students in meaningful “real-world” learning opportunities are at the essence of being ready for a future that is undefined. A focus on cross-curricular competencies will support all students in becoming engaged thinkers, ethical citizens with an entrepreneurial spirit. A competency-focused approach utilizes an intentional application of “cross-curricular competencies”, using the content from the current programs of study to design authentic student learning experiences.
This learning opportunity will provide practical, teacher-tested strategies to engage students, as well as opportunities for dialogue and networking to deepen understanding and awareness of“cross-curricular competencies”.

As a result of attending this learning opportunity you will have the opportunity to become aware of the Alberta’s 10 Cross-curricular Competencies; how teachers are applying a competency-focused approach to teaching and learning; and networks to continue the conversations and PD resource materials to support your journey.

This learning opportunity is subsidized as a result of a grant from Alberta Education to support implementation.

Program and Schedule Overview

Schedule and Overview


Unpacking the Cross-Curricular Competencies

Breakout Sessions
ERLC Online Cross-Curricular Competency Resources

Reconceptualizing Teaching and Learning in Division One (all subjects)
The “C” in Every “E”
Innovation Week and Educator Innovation Day: Fostering Creativity (all grades/ all subjects)
Using the Inquiry Process in Primary (SS, SC, LA)
Curriculum, Planning and Assessment Through a Division II Lens (all subjects)
Essential Questions & Reshaping Teaching Humanities (LA)
Math Essential Outcomes/Assessment (MA)
Transformative Teaching is Easier than You Think! (all subjects)
The Number Devil: A Ninth Grade Mathematical Adventure (MA)
A Comprehensive Health Approach to Competency Development in a K- 9 Setting (all subjects)
Taking Project Based Learning and Making a Great Debate (SS)
Beautiful Chaos: Incorporating Cross-Disciplinary Project Based Learning (all subjects)

Cross-Curricular Competencies

Cross-Curricular Competencies Overview
Alberta's 10 Cross-Curricular Competencies
Know how to learn
Think critically
Identify and solve complex problems
Manage information
Create opportunities
Apply multiple literacies
Demonstrate good communication skills and the ability to work cooperatively with others
Demonstrate global and cultural understanding
Identify and apply career and life skills

Alberta Education

Inspiring Education - Vision of Education for Alberta
Ministerial Order on Student Learning
Alberta Education - About Curriculum Redesign


ARPDC Support for Implementation of Curriculum Redesign Wiki

Knowledge to Action.png
From Knowledge to Action shares the research supporting the transformational change imagined in Inspiring Education and how it will be applied for curriculum redesign. Summaries of the research based chapters are intended to provide an overview of the content. Making use of these materials to support awareness and understanding of curriculum redesign is the outcome. (e.g., jigsaw, building background knowledge).

Chapter 1: Curriculum Development Processes
Chapter 2: Competencies
Chapter 3: Ways of Knowing
Chapter 4: Breadth and Depth
Chapter 5: Interdisciplinary Learning and Interdisciplinary Curriculum
Chapter 6: Flexible Timing and Pacing in a Variety of Learning Environments
Chapter 7: Responsive Curriculum For a Digital Age
Chapter 8: Student-Centered / Personalized Learning
Chapter 9: Assessment

Created by ERLC/ARPDC to facilitate understanding of the document From Knowledge to Action. Content is copied and condensed from the original. September 2013.

Purpose of the following resources: To increase or enhance awareness of the elements of the implementation that are purposeful and designed to assist in developing a plan for implementation as it relates to Curriculum Redesign.
  1. Supporting the Awareness and Understanding of the Intent of Inspiring Education and Specifically Curriculum Redesign - These workshop materials were developed to support school leaders awareness and understanding of the intent of Inspiring Education. You can access members of the ERLC regional team to facilitate these learning opportunities or you may make use of these materials to facilitate your own learning opportunities.
  2. Readiness for Change Source: Scaling-up Brief, Dean Fixsen, Karen Blase, Rob Horner, Barbara Sims, & George Sugai, September 2013
  3. Cross Curricular Competencies Handouts - During presentations on Cross Curricular Competencies, participants can use this handout to think about discussion questions and reflect upon their understanding. Participants can use the space within the table to makes notes as the session progresses.
  4. Curriculum Redesign 101 for Leaders - Presentation from the Central Alberta Regional Consortium (CARC) - Zone 4 held a full day session for leaders to build capacity to lead and support dialogue and action in their school, school division and community. Topics include: 3Es, Shifts, Ministerial Order, Timelines, Standards, Cross-Curricular Competencies, Literacy and Numeracy Benchmarks. Documents shared include the agenda, PowerPoint presentation, reflection and sentence strips for choral reading.

Continuing the Conversation

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