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Thérèse deChamplain-Good
Executive Director, ERLC

Thérèse's Edubook

2014-2015 ERLC Board Meetings

September 29, 2014
December 5, 2014
February 23, 2015
May 25, 2015

ED Evaluation

Executive Directors Job Description

The Executive Director's role is to facilitate the operations and program of the consortium in an effective and fiscally responsible manner. The Executive Director reports to the board comprised of representatives of educational partner organizations.
In the fall, the board reviews the work of the Executive Director and this template is provided to assist in that process.

The Executive Director will present an overview of work achieved in the last year. The Executive Director role includes the following responsibilities grouped by assessment themes;

1. Leadership
Provides leadership to the ERLC.
2. Communications
Liaises and communicates with the education community, building strong networks, linkages and supports
3. Planning
Implements the Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium (ERLC) mandate, primary purposes, goals, objectives and work plans
4. Program Delivery
Oversees the overall operation of the ERLC
5. Collaboration
Partnerships we develop to support implementation

and will be addressed through the following six goals:
  • Facilitate professional development which supports the effective implementation of components of:
    • o the Alberta Education Business Plan
    • o Jurisdiction and school education plans
    • o Regional School Council priorities
  • Facilitate professional development which supports the effective implementation of curricula, including instruction, assessment, and student learning outcomes,
  • Coordinate, broker, and act as a referral centre to assist stakeholders to identify available professional development resources,
  • Deliver professional development based on the identified and emerging needs of educational stakeholders,
  • Promote and support the development of professional development leadership capacity, and
  • Provide educational stakeholders with access to professional development at a reasonable cost.

ERLC ED 6 Goals

6. Personnel Management
Fosters high standards of service and delivery through personnel management
ERLC Admin Staff Performance Evaluation 2014-2015
ERLC Educational Team Agreement Template 2014-2015

7. Fiscal Management
Ensures the fiscal management of the ERLC
Balance Sheet October 31 2014
Income Statement Budget October 31 2014
Financial Deliverables Agreement
ERLC Educational Team Expense Claim Template 2014-2015
Community of Practice Expense Claim Template 2014-2015
Strategies for Financial Efficiencies 2014-2015